Friday, July 31, 2009

Recent Twitter exchange:

Frolic If you were Bill Jefferson and facing possibly the last weekend of freedom in your life, what would you do?

liprap @Frolic Cook everything in the freezer?

Frolic RT @liprap: @Frolic Cook everything in the freezer?<--Yes, Dollar Bill has the ingredients for a vegetarian chicken pot pit. (he meant "pie"; 'tis a typo)

Let's check and see:

Seeing all this other sort of "dough" recovered from the freezer certainly puts Dana Milbank's summation of the defense's argument into perspective. quote:

... after all, if a member of Congress feels entitled to hide FBI cash in the freezer, who is the Justice Department to say he isn’t?

We have no choice but to wait and see if the jury will help Dollar Bill take that one to the bank...and I will hereby leave that analysis and the goofy puns to Adrastos.

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