Thursday, July 16, 2009

Katrina-related published works have been a part of my reading material for a few years since this time in my life...and I keep trying to figure out why this is and how much I ought to be ashamed of it, or stoic about it, or whether I should stop the nonsense altogether once again.

I think a lot about whether or not reading these things will eventually build things up within me to a point where I can't take it anymore, whether reading repeatedly about the billions of unkind cuts administered to this region by the many people, organizations, and levels of government who were supposed to be helping us will be damaging my psyche irreparably. The last thing this area needs is another psychotic person running around with a grudge against any authority whatsoever...there are more than enough of those around, which is what I suspect is behind this lady's decision not to run for city council again.

I'd date allowing more of the memoirs and such into my piles of books to about late 2007. Actually picking them up and reading them to 2008. And I must say that, though the writings tug at my mental well-being some, it is not as bad as my current reactions to what I was doing over a year ago.

Most days, I veer past one location in particular that is threatened with demolition, am compelled to jump in there with my camera, and then I remember this.

I'm scared at what I could find.

At the same time, however, I got this notification through my flickr email a number of days ago:
I am from New Orleans, and found your site looking for photos of my old High School, Abramson.

I left after Katrina and my wife does not want to move back, but I worked there until last year.
I told him Abramson is gone - even the temporary classrooms are no longer there - and that it is questionable if any school (hell, anything at all) will be built on the vacant grounds.
I thought I read in the Picayune that they were going to build a combination elementary and middle school, but that was a while back.

Another graduate (I graduated there in 1970) told me about it being torn down.

A lot of memories were in that school. . .
And that hurts my heart more than any piece of 8-29-05 writing has to date.

My inner struggle continues.

Update, 4:02 PM: Seems at least one school is in the last bit of its rebuilding phase. The grand tour:

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