Friday, July 25, 2008

Well, that mural at Burgundy and Dauphine is untouched, but a really nice "Welcome to the Bywater" sign by folk artist Dr Bob has been defaced:

It was even complete with part of a trademark phrase of his, "Be Nice Or Leave", as this link shows (thanks, Loki):

Okay, the gloves oughta be off over this one.

I'm thinking point-blank paintball duel - gray pellets in Radtke's weapon, all the colors of the rainbow for Dr Bob. The one who gets the most shots in has to wear their paintballed garb for a month.

NOTE, 7:15 PM: Kevin Allman is right in that nobody has witnessed Fred Radtke actually doing this...and, judging from Sophmom's comment below, I'm starting to hope, for his sake, that he didn't do it and that this might be some sort of copycat...because, quite honestly, this is awful, and if it IS him, then he needs help for whatever mental problem he has.


Slate said...

My god, someone has to stop him. That is really going too far, as though he hadn't already done that a zillion times. How could he DO that? The Bywater has a pretty strong neighborhood assn. I think they should be sent this post and I will do so if I can find their address around here. I know I have it. GEEZ.

Sophmom said...

WFT was he thinking? That's the sort of thing that's going to bring an end to it all. That's not even close to graffiti.

brendan said...

somebody with money needs to hire a well known artist/graffiti artist to paint a wall of their shop/home/garage. then put teeny tiny security cameras with 24 hr recording on them. just wait for radke to do his thing. then charge him with tresspassing and property damage and civil sue him for the value of the artwork lost. that ought to put a crimp in his style. and if the cops try to cover for him, well, with all the trouble cops have been getting into lately with abuse of power issues, all it would take would be a few well placed media calls.

saintseester said...

If it is Radke, he should be arrested. If it is a copycat, well, it's still defacing private property and they should be arrested, too. That's horrible.