Friday, July 18, 2008

Event for me to look forward to when I return:

Event I am so, so sorry I missed:

Politics With A Punch

Gee, why am I sorry?

An ill-conceived attempt to comply with the "no talking" directive led to some surreptitious note-passing with the kids seated at the next table. Only bad things come of such behavior. Just trust me.
The Heinekens at the Cricket Club are five bucks. Did I mention that already? I had to limit myself to three.

Jeffrey and I were lamenting the lukewarm Heinekins and discussing our “Borat” type plan-B if Shearer denied us when it was noticed the intrepid Erster had already roped Shearer in to convo. I saw that the move was being made and stood up to deliver the only prepared statement I had to endear him to our camp.
“I just learned that you were the original Eddie Haskell in “Leave it to Beaver,” I said.
“Yes, yes,” he replied.
“Proof that not all child stars…” I started.“…grow up to be fucked up?” he answered.”
We laughed and then I sat down and just left Erster to do the dirty work. Some capo regime I am eh?

Too bad I'm being such a responsible parent and dutiful daughter-in-law. Where the heck is MY joy????

Oh, Saturday.

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