Friday, June 06, 2008

Comment on Pat's latest post:

and now...the punchline!

The best/worst part about this whole thing, is that you basically can't use this on your resume as 'teaching experience' as you did not teach in an accredited school system. That means you, and anybody else who's been in the RSD teaching, likely will have a hell of a time explaining what exactly you've been doing with your time, teaching for un-accredited schools.

This will impact anyone currently teaching for the RSD who wants to move to a job in an accredited school system, as most/all of these systems want to see x number of years of experience in an accredited school.

Oh, yeah, this just keeps getting better.

Especially when one considers some other instances of people doing well by their fellow human beings lately and nearly three years ago.

Going back under my rock, now...


Anonymous said...

Then also wouldn't you need to be in an accredited school to be on the fast track to certification? Otherwise you've got non-education majors swimming in chaos for a year or two then they're certified?

I also heard that they are planning to pay the couple hundred new tech for america teachers $40-50,000/year. Is this true? These would be the candidates for the above fast-track certification through non-accreditation.

wow. also don't forget that a certain insider non-profit is getting pa$d the big bucks to manage all this.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

You have to attend an accredited school (Such as UNO, Southern or Xavier) to be on the fast track for certification. That's based on the school you get your certification from and their relationship with the state.

Some non-accredited universities may have agreements with the State of Louisiana Department of Education that the teachers they certify can teach here, but those certifications may not be valid in any other state.

SAWB's point of not being able to call RSD teaching "teaching experience" is close: one point of accreditation is having a certain ratio of certified and experienced teachers - and low turnover rate - to uncertified teachers.

School systems elsewhere that are being evaluated based on their teacher population for accreditation purposes will be hesitant to hire ex-RSD teachers if the RSD maintains no standing regional accreditation.

On the other point, $40 - 50K per year? Not even kinda based in reality. Especially if the teacher is on a certification track. And the numbers are far closer to 80 - 90 new TfA and teachNOLA teachers than a 'couple of hundred.'

Teachers with certification, masters degrees and years experience in Louisiana schools systems should still be making their money.

mominem said...


You ain't under a rock.

I also have a hard time believing that a committed teacher, serving in the RSD won't get favorable consideration except under conditions where the TEACHERS CABAL holds sway.

If true this is an example of what is wrong with teachers in America.

It's also an example of what is wrong with individual teachers. If they came here expecting to build a resume and at the same time get tenure points, their failure to do proper research should count against them.

Sorry for the long post but I'm bleeding every day to provide services to the city without proper resources and my employees seem perfectly willing to leave for a few dollars more, why should teachers be any different?