Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Ashley Morris' Superdome seat is for sale. Chef Who Dat has a great idea:

How about fellow Who Dats get on board and buy that second seat for Hana? Then, she can do as she likes . . . bring a kid or two . . . bring a derby girl . . . bring a friend, etc.

I'm in for $38, which buys me the sponsorship to the home opener vs. the Bucs. Any sponsors for the other 8 regular season/pre-season games?

Sounds like a plan. Keep Hana in her spot in the Dome, and chip in, if you can!
UPDATE: Seat is GONE And Emily Litella comes to mind...

E informs us of Gerrick Lewis' insightful look at the New Orleans public schools post-storm. Have a read. Lewis gets it right.

Francine Stock has been doing some great work on her arguments for the preservation of modern architecture in New Orleans over at XXNO::Regional Modernism: her nomination of New Orleans' modernist public schools made the New Orleans Nine Most Endangered Properties list for this year. To see the current conditions of some of the sites she discusses, check some pictures out.

Off to take the little guy in for his last (half) day of school until August/September. I'll also be taking a break from the litany of questions about "Do cars/jets/buses/airplanes/boats need engines?" and Do cars/jets/buses/airplanes/boats need washes?"

Answers: "Most of them" and "Occasionally" over and over and over and over and over and....

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