Tuesday, September 18, 2007

How can I make this a blog all about New Orleans without my family?

My husband and son have been saying so many funny things lately that I just cannot resist.

Last night, for instance.

The little guy really, reeeally wants one of his best friends to come over. And not just for a playdate. Not just to stay overnight. Try "I want Perry to live with us."

"I don't think that's gonna happen," I manage to tell my son without too much of a laugh.

"But...but...Moooooom...living with you and Daddy is an adventure!!!!"

Thanks, kid. Thanks a lot.

A while back, Dan and I were on the road back to New Orleans from my cousin's wedding. As we passed through Tuscaloosa, Dan asked about the Alabama mascot. "If they are the Crimson Tide, then how best to explain the elephant?"

"Maybe it's like the Oakland A's elephant mascot," I say.

"Well, they need something, otherwise it's playing a team whose mascot is essentially blood."

"Huh. So if they played Tulane's Green Wave, it'd be Blood vs Puke," I mused.

"Or, in Tulane vs Alabama, Gumby vs Pokey," he said.

Yeah, okay, I'm not immune.

On the flights out to California this past week, we waited in our designated Southwest Airlines boarding line before our departure to our first stop on our trip. A father and young son came over to our area and asked which boarding group we were in.

"Oh, this?" I said. "This is the C section."

A bunch of women in line overheard me and said "Ohhh, yeah, it most certainly is!" I realized what I'd just said and started laughing along with the women. The dad smiled at me and moved on down the line. The women took my comment as a cue to unleash their stories about the births of their children (and, indeed, there were a number of them who had been delivered by C-section), and I grinned a little weakly at Dan.

"I'm sorry, honey, it just came right out. I couldn't hold it back," I said.

"You really should have," he said.

Oh, well.

And, speaking of holding things back, know what shoulda been held back from K-Ville (among many other things)? The declaration Anthony Anderson's character Boulet makes in the previews for next week's show that "I'm a black man. I use hot sauce."

God bless the NFL. Go boost the ratings of the Saints-Titans game next Monday instead, everybody.

Update, 8:10 PM: I gave my mom and dad a call to see how their recent move to Tornado Alley was going. I told Mom about the K-Ville premiere, and she said, "Ohh, so it's all about me, now, is it?" with a laugh.

I told Mom about how they made a fellow blogger's neighborhood look even worse for the filming of the pilot, and she said, "Good. The rest of this country needs to know how bad it got over there. How bad it still is in many places around the city."

Huh. Never thought of it like that. Oooo-kay...

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