Saturday, September 01, 2007

New to my blogroll - a massive site about Buras, Louisiana (thanks, Charlotte).

Buras sustained a direct hit from Katrina two-plus years ago. Go visit.


Haven't posted any of these in a while:

As seen on the West Bank, a huge ad for a remodeling place -

We've been in the bathroom since 1934!

Sounds like a serious UTI to me, or else someone's been a bit liberal with the Ex-Lax.

Seen in Joey K's last night -

If Ifs Were Skiffs We'd All Be Rowing

Many Gulf Coasters lived that one two years ago or so. We still are...

And finally, as worn by my pal Justin at choir practice the other night (think limericks, now) -

Knowing Justin, I believe it, too.


Charlotte said...

You're welcome, my dear. Thanks for pointing more traffic her way!

Schroeder said...

No comments on the Ashley post? Troubling. Very troubling. I was listening to a conversation recently on -- of all things, the progenitor of uncivil dialog: The McGlaughlin Group. The country is going to hell in a handbasket in large part because we can't have a civil discussion without unpacking all of right vs. left rhetoric -- and I blame the right for creating the savage beast in the first place, in particular, via syndicated hate-speech radio.

Leigh C. said...

Sorry, Schroeder. It's the school of "If you can't say anything civilly, don't" at the last post.

But ONLY for the last post.