Saturday, September 22, 2007

Dan and I are human. We are also children of our times and places.

Now, we are parents. And for a time, we were parents in New York City.

We see no point in paying for cable or satellite TV. The cost of it is insane, and the cost of it in New York, even more so. However, I'll find myself occasionally humming some songs or mangling some lyrics that came from our time in Queens...and, specifically, the times when we looked forward to watching the only thing on Friday nights that passes for what MTV used to be. On public television, y'all.

For instance, and for everybody's viewing pleasure:

My granddaddy's slideshows were NEVER like that.

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saintseester said...

The only reason we have cable is for the one or two HDTV broadcasts per year that we get to see the Saints on.