Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I've written about the famous Harry who gave up the ghost on this town. Today I read about a different famous Harry who is sticking it out for this town and spreading the word on it no matter where he goes.

For those not in the know, Harry Shearer has been a constant voice on The Simpsons, and has acted in movies such as This Is Spinal Tap, Best In Show, Waiting For Guffman, and, most recently, For Your Consideration. He is also one of the people committed to rebuilding this city with his words, and with actions to back 'em up.

After reading his words of wisdom in the recent Times-Picayune interview (and I urge you all to read it!), all I can say is, give 'em hell, Harry!


So my son loves listening to the music of James Brown. Turns out he loves the groove of soul music, period. I have experimented with playing him some of the nouveau soul of Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings, and now I'll have to keep seeing what else he likes or dislikes. Much as I myself love the Godfather of Soul's music, I do need some variety.

It was truly, horribly funny when I woke up on Monday morning and flipped through some channels with my son looking for the kids' shows, only to discover that James Brown had died that morning. Dan woke up later than I did, and when he walked in, I told him the news. All Dan could do initially was laugh incredulously. Considering how steeped my son is in the songs on the James Brown: 20 All-Time Greatest Hits album ( I am constantly hearing snatches of "I Got The Feeling" or "The Payback" coming out of the little guy's mouth), this just seemed like some weird cosmic joke on us.

This also seems like a weird way for the Hardest Working Man in Show Business to leave this earth - in a hospital on Christmas. Is this somehow God's version of "Payback"? Maybe the good Lord don't know karate, but He sure know cuh-razy...

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