Monday, December 18, 2006

Hey, folks, I've got a blogging friend in need.

Normally I wouldn't do this sort of thing, but ever since 8-29-05, I've gotten into the helping friends out thing.

Just go to this link and make a donation. This guy does a real service with his blog and with his beautiful family, and the nasty winds in the Northwest have thrown his whole area for a loop. Just check out that tangle of trees. It looks like major parts of my neck of the woods looked over a year ago.

And I most certainly do NOT want him to experience the joy and nastiness of having to put a duct-taped refrigerator out on the curb. (Okay, things may not be that bad, but being without power for a number of weeks will instill fears in people that will seem strange to those who haven't experienced that kind of situation)

So donate a little in the spirit of the hollerdays. If you have problems with the direct donation link, go to his email, donate through PayPal, and tag your donation as a "Service" donation when prompted. Or just drop him a line and ask what he needs.

Be well, Jay. Stay warm...

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