Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Recent Little Guy Reading Choices:

When the kid isn't engrossed in science tomes, Geronimo Stilton, or books about some of his favorite cartoons, he unwinds with this stuff he's found around our house:

circa 1975

Not before my time but not of my time, either.  Enough universal humor in it to keep the kiddo interested, especially the antics of Zonker Harris.  Explanations have had to be proffered for the Vietnam War, Nixon and Watergate, and what mortar shells are.  The kid especially gets a kick out of the friendship between all-American hero B.D. and the Vietcong terrorist Phred.

circa 1987

There's already some favorite strips that the kid keeps reading aloud again and again, and each time, his readings make me giggle, especially the one where Deathtongue starts rehearsing and Bill blows up because his tongue was plugged into the amp. I've had to explain the subliminal message freakouts over the Judas Priest albums, Sean Penn and photographers, and the tail-end of the Cold War and the arms race (think Rosebud the basselope).  I'm starting to think a pattern is emerging...

circa 1996

Only thing that is more universal than Calvin and Hobbes is Peanuts.  The kid goes back to this one again and again for the fun of it, exclaiming over what a bad boy Calvin can be, yet still delighting in it.

Of course, he's had me rediscovering all of this stuff all over again.  Boomers Bloopers Blessers Bosoms!


E.J. said...

And how old is this kid?!

Leigh C. said...

He's eight.

Derek said...

We bought pretty much all the volumes of Calvin & Hobbs for Ghita--she tore through them, literally (pages torn from the binding). Bet he'd dig Jeff Smith's Bone series ... http://www.boneville.com/bone/