Saturday, March 12, 2011

I'll be the first to admit it: Mardi Gras kicked my butt this year, and has continued to do so, since I didn't sign my son up for a mini-camp for the remainder of the week after Mardi Gras day.  Aside from keeping up with the Eris news and the Iron Rail/Ark Collective/Plan B closing for lack of permits, the continuing protests in Wisconsin, and the occasional look at the prep work for the shuttle Endeavour to begin its final space flight, things have revolved mostly 'round taking the little guy to the Aquarium, the Children's Museum, and the local playgrounds when the weather's good...that is, when we're not watching some kid flicks at home and playing Aggravation or Battleship while I continually prevail upon the little guy to LEAVE THOSE DAMNED VUVUZELAS FROM THE MUSES AND HERMES PARADES ALONE.  I am not ready for today's St. Patrick's Day parade.  Maybe I'll be ready for Purim next week....

So, while I have to get going on going back to the gym, I am grateful for a number of things:
  • My rear end doesn't hurt too bad from biking into the Quarter and back on Mardi Gras day on a whim.  Edie's daughter prevailed upon me to join her, and, for the first time ever, I went all the way to the Marigny to see the hula-hooping, mad-drumming, gaily-costumed masses on Frenchmen Street.  I also ran into so many people I knew, almost as many as the numbers that come through our house for the Krewe of Pancakes and Syrup.  Not a bad way to spend a Mardi Gras afternoon.
  • I am getting more sleep, even if my dreams have gotten stranger.
  • The weather's getting warmer.
  • We're gonna get going on planning for Rising Tide VI! Come and join us.  We would LOVE your input and your assistance.
So, until Tom Brady changes his name and puts Drew Brees' name first on the lawsuit pending against the NFL, that's all I got for now.  Hope to see some of you on Tuesday, March 15th, at the Rendon Inn.

Update, 6:17 PM: Doctors Without Borders is doing its damnedest to help in Japan after the recent earthquakes and tsunami, and they're gonna need more help considering the most recent news from the Fukushima plant.  Consider a donation to them or to any other relief effort listed here.

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