Monday, October 25, 2010

Twit Bits, or One Heck of a Saturday

Clifton611: Stacy Head is now on the Sewerage and Water Board. That means if someone in your district pisses her off you won't be able to shower.

That assessment does not bode well for this gusher on Pitt Street near General Pershing, which has been bubbling since last Monday:

Once they dig this up and repair it, I wonder, too, if Ms Head will ensure that it gets paved over well before Mardi Gras.
 Update, 5:30 PM: Looks like there's no longer a geyser...

...but there is a nifty mound of dirt and gravel right there.  I'll keep you all posted.

Wow. Tree limb just fell on a tourist on Jackson Square pedestrian mall.

andrewlarimer: errr... are they okay?

liprap @andrewlarimer I think so. Folks immediately came to her aid, shook angry fists at the offending tree limb ?

Dear God, stricken tourist's pals are taking pics of her being checked over by the EMS.

The offending limb awaiting the SDT garbage truck paddy wagon.  The tourist is A-OK.

Comments on the state of our world and its institutions:

DCrais: At Innovation Summit, James Carville highlights public education reform,then complains it costs him $15,000 yr to send his child to Newman...James Carville, Paul Pastorek, Garland Robinette all tout public education in , but all send their kids to Newman  

liprap @DCrais: And where are your young 'uns going to school, sir?

 (The answer was public school...among New Twitter's nifty improvements is the ability for a user to delete any of his/her tweets at any time, not just in the first five minutes of the life of a tweet.  DCrais took advantage of that.)

bmockaveli: "I think...a year from now people will be asking What oil spill?'-Ross Baker Rutgers pol scientist --ON WHAT PLANET????

liprap @ No greater indication of a bought scientist than proclamations like that.


And this is how we party at this time of year:

Caught the 6 t'9 parade tonight off St Bernard Ave. Blink & you might miss it - but hold out your hands & get loads of candy when it passes. 

Here come the ghouls...there go the ghouls...
Gettin' crunk at the Deutsches Haus RT @ A polka rendition of Halftime is being played at Oktoberfest.

davegladow: Amazingly, this is not made up RT @ crunk @ A polka rendition of is being played at Oktoberfest.

liprap @ Those kinds of things never are in New Orleans.


Monday, Monday...

Thanks to @The_Gambit, this link, still under the "cityofno" URL, is playing in the background as I type.  We've got a "stunning" Living With Hurricanes exhibit at the Louisiana State Museum opening up to the public tomorrow, but what's even more stunning is actually living with the hurricanes and what happens when their effects, such as storm surge, are handled badly.  The ongoing craziness of the city's current financial situation, however, is entirely man-made and still very, very messy.

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lol You won't be able to shower!!! I better never say a word to her now lol. This puts a damper on things lol.