Friday, October 15, 2010

On this mahvelous Sci Fri, I must show off...

Our kick-butt citrine homemade geode.  Ain't it just the coolest?

Confession: I am a former crystal growing fiend and a lifetime lover of geodes, ever since I saw the half of the massive amethyst geode my parents got to accent their den and said, "How does nature do that?"  Thanks to a nifty kit, we made the geode half pictured above in a couple of weeks and the second half is growing even as I type this.  What is nearly as enthralling to the little guy is the booklet that came with the kit describing how crystal growing in space gives humankind such nifty things as much more symmetrical crystals of silicon that can be used in the computers like the one you're reading this post on.  Just my way of saying go to Maitri's nifty fundraising page for funding low-income science classrooms and give the kids something that won't turn them into science dolts.  Plus, it's a great way to round out Earth Science Week.

Another cause in need?  The 6 t'9 Social Aid & Pleasure Club could use some extra funds to get their nifty Halloween parade going this year and get them started for next year.  Another confession: a couple we know is getting married at the parade this year.  C'mon out for it after you give it some dough.

The Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities Media Panel that went on last week, featuring The New York Times' reporter on the South Campbell Robertson, American Zombie's Ashe Dambala, and The Gambit's Kevin Allman was filmed as well, and that film is now up.  Go watch.

And finally, I got quoted on the devil's sportswear - aka, the Saints' black pants - for this WWL TV story.  But hey, we all need to pay our respects to the gloomy one who started it all.  Hey, Sean Payton: get a ceremonial bonfire in St James Parish going for those infernal trousers.


Adrastos said...

That geode is seriously awesome. Does it wear black or gold pants?

Leigh C. said...

Gold...and I wanna keep it that way for the 2010 season, at least.

Shercole said...

This is awesomeness!