Wednesday, June 02, 2010

For a person like me who hasn't been watching much TV lately, seems there's been a lot of good visual aids coming out concerning what's been doing down here, and all I can do is watch 'em and pass 'em on...

Like this one debunking recent hysteria over Louisiana seafood in other states:

Really, if you're going to trust Tony Hayward over Chef Paul Prudhomme, I wash my hands of you. The Louisiana seafood that is reaching the market these days is the good stuff. Eat it before the prices double and then your local restaurants won't want to carry it anyhow. When they start buying the stuff from China, you'll know by the taste.

That's the taste of helplessness and hopelessness.

Thanks again, BP.

Update, 10:50 AM: Oh, and speaking of debunking myths concerning this mess, head to Maitri and she'll set you straight. And that whole deal about Michael Bay in the xkcd comic predicting seeing James Carville surfing his way out of a fictional hurricane-whipped conflagration and rerouting of the Mississippi on an alligator? I'd love to see it, but I think he'd have to get training from this guy first:

Also, Maitri says we're on Day 42, but the Gambit blog is on 44. What the hell, people? I don't want us to be further along on the futility of BP's attempts to staunch the flow than we have to be. We've already suffered enough.

Anudder update, 11:49 AM: Well, crud, it is 44 days. I was hoping for less. Like, maybe, none.

One mo' time, 2:41 PM: Ladies and gentlemen, say it with me, please: no matter how bad things get, no matter how powerless you might feel in the face of this disaster, no matter how angry you are, NO NUKES IN THE GULF. Doubled prices on Gulf seafood is better than none at all, which is what an underwater thermonuclear blast pretty much guarantees. Just count to ten if you're feeling bad, call up your elected officials and the BP execs and yell at 'em some more, then go get some Zapp's. You'll feel better.

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"Really, if you're going to trust Tony Hayward over Chef Paul Prudhomme, I wash my hands of you."