Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Back From Travel Quick Notes:

Picked up a copy of this magazine at a nice cafe in New Mexico and read an article about the nifty uses of human hair and the ethical dilemmas surrounding those uses. Though I wouldn't necessarily freak if I found a hair in my food (unless the atmosphere in which I dined was pretty filthy to begin with, in which case I'd turn on my heel and vamoose before I had to order a thing), I now feel the urge to search every food product in my home for L-Cysteine and then toss them out and avoid any foods with it in there from here on out. On the other hand, I think the guy who runs this company now has a body of water adjacent to his state that could use his human hair mats.

While waiting for the plane back to New Orleans, I caught some of Larry King chatting with James Cameron and noticed in the closed-captioning that Cameron was offering his services as a big-shot blockbuster Hollywood director in helping plug up the Macondo Prospect spewage. I can't tell you what the exact suggestions were because I was too busy suppressing the impulse to scream at the TV, so if anybody wants to check it out, here's some of it. The overwhelming thought I had was that Cameron's idea of helping would be to throw another bunch of cameras down there with the BP-bots and next thing I know, we'd be seeing MACONDO in IMAX 3-D. No. Thanks. Schmuck.

More later from me. Still enjoying being back in the humidity. And being near sea level again. Really. You have no idea.

Update, 6/9: Okay, Maitri says in the comments that having the king of the world actually coordinate all the well-plugging aspects might not be such a bad thing. We do need all the help we can get, I guess.


Maitri said...

Cameron is not a schmuck. Self-centered, yes. Schmuck, no. He has so many contacts in the navy and the private deep-maritime industry and tremendous technological project management experience that I would trust him to manage a better solution than BP has devised. The government has no expertise in bringing together, organizing and herding folks of varying backgrounds (and BP wouldn't know what to do with a multidisciplinary individual - I speak from personal experience).

He has what this operation lacks, if not in personal technological prowess, but definitely in being a captain and getting things done. Schools across America should be concerned with fostering more James Camerons, but with less arrogance of course.

Leigh C. said...

Okay, that sounds better. I just tend to recoil at the man's persona. And yeah, if he can get all kinds of technologically challenging enterprises together in the service of making a movie, there could be something else in there that could help coordinate everything that the Lord of the Rigs and the feds have thus far not done all that well.