Sunday, January 31, 2010

The latest effect of the Saints making the Super Bowl: Drew Brees getting a piece of the advertising bonanza that has largely been Peyton "Extra Cheesy" Manning's thing for so long.

Just watch. You WILL be entertained.

More on this whole crazy past weekend later, when my knees have recovered more fully from dancing my butt off through the Quarter and the Marigny to stave off the 39-degree chill whilst having tons of fun. The crowds lining the streets were a great bunch. I even saw five people I knew and got my special cups to most of 'em (sorry, Coozan Pat, I need to get'cha some sweet Superdome beads).

Check the Flickr pics here for now and shake your heads a little that you missed it.


saintseester said...

That's cute, but it's the longest diaper commercial I've ever watched.

Leigh C. said...

Yeah, but you get INVOLVED. I have a hunch it'll be aired during the Super Bowl.

NOLA radfem said...

Very good, Leigh. I've missed swapping articles back and forth. I gave up blogging for about a year due to health problems. I'm back, but all my readers are gone! LOL!

Anyway, isn't it amazing that we actually lived to see the Saints in the Superbowl? WOW!

How are your little 'uns?