Tuesday, September 22, 2009

No matter how much Advance Internet tries, they still haven't made nola.com as user-friendly, idiot-proof, and bigot-proof as it still needs to be. And it certainly won't be replacing the dead-tree edition around here anytime soon if they can't give you easy access to the day's front pages...

...like, for instance, today's gem (click on the photo to enlarge):

New Orleans' mental health is worse than it's ever been, which is saying quite a lot. But hey, we've got a rare giant squid recovered intact from the Gulf!

Hallucinatory calamari for everybody!

Update, 9-23: Cliff highlights a basic reason why anonymous commenters are an insidious lot. Comment moderation is key, folks. And I'm glad Bill Capo is out there getting these stories from the community - spotlighting organizations such as Adopt A Family can only help them meet their goals. That's something to condone, not condemn.

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