Friday, September 18, 2009

Another potential school renovation site will be biting the dust:

More pictures of the moldering Hoffman site at 2622 Prieur can be seen here.

It is tragic that the RSD outright refuses to renovate this structure. The building assessment in the School Facilities Master Plan indicated that it would cost $2.2 million LESS to renovate Hoffman, but they would prefer to start over.

Key note concerning the Hoffman demolition: The rebuild costs over 20% more. It's possible that if the RSD chose renovation over rebuild for five schools, we could get a sixth school renovated for free.

Update, 3:30 PM: It's the end of a good blog. But the same ol' same ol' continues:

There are serious systemic and cultural issues that need to be addressed in order to truly reform our schools. The system is still corrupt and it is still broken, it is merely hiding behind a curtain painted with pretty pictures of reform. At least in my case, I think I can safely say that we are simply rebuilding the same old crap with a new face.

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