Friday, June 05, 2009

Just when I thought some great sports nicknames had gone the way of owners who ruled the game, I get proved wrong:

I give you Gookie Dawkins, folks.

God bless the church of baseball, even if they don't play this anymore over the PA when there are conferences on the mound at Zephyr Field.

Oh, and question for you: say you own a car, an expensive, hot-to-trot, look at me I'm RED car like, say, a Lotus. Would you really drive it down the street with only one working tail light, or would you get that thing fixed as soon as you could? It kinda detracts from the hotness of the car, to my mind, but hey, that's probably just me.

Update, 12:49 PM: Via Twitter, Clay tells us of the 24 Hours of LeMons in New Orleans, which starts today. Laissez Les Crapheaps Roulez, I'm wishing my mom still had her lemon of an Audi 100LS...

BUT, for those who wanna slow it down a tad, head to the 5th Annual Hike of the Lafitte Corridor tomorrow.

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D-BB said...

Hey Lippy, no time, long see....or somethin' like that. Just checking in to say hello and hope you are doing good. Not sure why.

Also, what is that Wage Gap thingy u got over there in your sidebar? Don't start making problems.