Friday, June 26, 2009

I really didn't need this poll to tell me what I already know. Hebrew Nationals are absolutely superior hot dogs to any other brands on the planet...
...with the only exception being the ones I had from this place in Chicago once.

The only thing I don't understand is that the sidebar Quick Poll asking what one's fave regional frank is has "Louisiana Style" as one of its choices. What the hell is a Louisiana style frank? Are they talking about Lucky Dogs? Boudin? Getting a dressed dog? Throwing hot sauce on it?

Somebody please enlighten me, if you would.

Update, 3:33 PM: Seems the definition of a "Louisiana Style" dog is defined largely by those who are outside of Louisiana. For instance:

Seattle: chorizo and capicola with mozzarella, cream cheese, jalapenos, and onions
Chicago: BBQ sauce, grilled onions and tomato
Portland: the “Fire in the Hole” – a Louisiana Red-Hot
This menu from a place in San Jose serves a hot link that is "100% beef, Louisiana Style"

I mean, we aren't even in the top ten in hot dog consumption here in New Orleans.


swampwoman said...

We don't do hot dogs here, we do andouille/boudin/sausage - there's no room for a good ole hot dog among that bunch :)

GentillyGirl said...

Wait 'til I fire up a Dixe Dog at the eatery.

And later tonight I'm going to finish perfecting the Creole corn dog.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

Every other SEC school associates LSU fans with corn dogs (among other things) like they associate Florida fans and jean-shorts (jorts).

You are correct, however, about the Hebrew Nationals being the best.

Eulipion said...

BBQ sauce on a Chicago dog? Please. I lived on them things in Fargo from a guy who spent time there and ran the city's premier (ok, only) hot dog stand/sports bar. Love me some of them peppers and cucs on my dog.