Monday, May 04, 2009

Day One of the Hone None Flua exile:

Crawfish blues

Yes, this is an actual blue crawfish.

Fitting that this is a rainy day on which to begin our three-day exile. No hoo-ha from parents on the CDC's 14-day disinfectant guidelines not being fully enacted in the closing of the little guy's school - seems the CDC and the governor have decided three days is enough because the afflicted child wasn't in school for very long once he/she developed symptoms.

So. We're here. Can't go swimming due to the weather. The Sword In The Stone is rockin' the DVD player. Pancakes with pickles has been the breakfast order of the day.

Nothing to it but to make the most of it. We aren't victims, after all.

Pickled pancakes, comin' up.

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