Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sign up for crime alerts through texting at NOLA Crime Alerts:


A few reasons to take this step come from Amy:

...I allow myself to read - the comments, the stories, the articles - and it makes me very, very afraid. This isn’t to say New Orleans is a bad place to live. Again, I love New Orleans - it just scares the hell out of me...

...Maybe it has to do with being mugged at 4:00 in the afternoon, walking my daughter home from school on Carrollton Avenue. Or maybe it has to do with going to bed, looking out the window, and seeing someone on my porch, attempting to still my plastic lawn chairs that I bought for $4 each at Dollar General. Or maybe it is the comments made to me when I pick my daughter up from her publis school. Or maybe I am just not cut out to live in the city, any city. I have developed the coping skills for living in a city, especially this city. But I love this city. I really do.

...and Times-Pic writer Keith Spera:

Baby asleep, dinner plates put away, the evening reverie of Jan. 5 is shattered by a half-dozen sharp reports, tightly clustered at irregular intervals.

Through the open kitchen window, the gunshots sound as close as the neighbor's yard. We later learn they originated three blocks away at North Dupre and St. Ann streets, fired at 47-year-old Kirk Dugar Sr.

Thirty-six hours later, his blood still pooled on the black steel steps where he died. A blue cigarette lighter lay near a scrap of crime scene tape.

It was not the first time I've heard someone die.

Once again, the lives of all of New Orleans' citizens are at stake.

What will we do this time?

UPDATE, 5:27 PM: More sections of the city have been added:
Email to let them know your section of the city needs it, too.


mominem said...


Leigh C. said...

They're adding more parts of the city all the time. If you want your part to be added, email at

Cold Spaghetti said...

I LOVE that this information is there -- I want it to be out there and clear and transparent and available and up to date.

But you know, I can't bring myself to look at it. I know part of it is this thing I'm working through right now, but I just can't think about the violence around me anymore. Not right now. And it makes me feel silly and naive to even admit it, but sometimes, I just have to shut out all the criticism and danger and alerts and awful politics and realities of what it means to be here, otherwise... I wouldn't be able to carry on. I wonder if I'm alone in this?

Leigh C. said...

I don't think you're alone. I think there's always a certain amount of blocking out that we all do of potential dangers, else most of us wouldn't get out of bed in the morning. As it is, I've only signed up for texting in my area, 'cause I can't take seeing ALL of it all the time.

We all gotta do what we gotta do.

Pistolette said...

Oh honey, my husband and I have been discussing this all week and I said much what Amy did - do ALL nola.commenters HATE new orleans. It makes me feel terrible and I can't read it anymore. They are especially harsh with young parents, and they make me feel like I've dragged my babies into Sudan or something. But when I settle down, I realize that Uptown was a LOT worse when my husband was raised here in the 70s. It sucks in many ways, but it's hardly the warzone non-locals like to portray it.

Anyway, it doesn't look like my neighborhood is on the crime alert system yet, but I'm glad it's started. Still - sad that we have to take matters into our own hands in order to be safe. Cops. Grrr.

Leigh C. said... needs a moderator or three, for sure. It's just awful, and it reflects pretty badly on all of us here. Perhaps the next thing ought to be some sort of online protest of THAT...but we know how some protests work in this town...