Sunday, October 05, 2008

The map told us we live in School Board District 4:
When Dan and I walked into the voting booth yesterday, however, we faced a choice of candidates from District 5 instead. The state's polling locator put us in District 5 as well. Details here.

Which one is correct? The map or the secretary of state's website?

I emailed some folks about this last night. People who live on the borders of the districts may want to compare the maps with the polling locator, as well as with what they saw when they walked into the voting booth.

Yes, there were some landslides in the school board elections last night, and this kind of thing might not make that much of a difference that way - but making this sort of thing heard is the key to better practices in the long run.

Update, 6:13 PM: Everybody's linking to Cliff's take on William "Dollar Bill" Jefferson's making the runoff and what it says about our Congressional district. What are we doing! indeed. I'd be most interested to see if anybody takes Cliff up on his conditions for an apology for posting his latest:

Now, if anyone has read this and doesn’t agree, please send me an email and I will tell you where to pick me up so you can drive me to the black neighborhood in Congressman Jefferson’s district that is thriving and doing so well that I have to post a public apology. I know one thing; we won’t be driving anywhere close to my house. We don’t have an open hospital.

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