Thursday, October 23, 2008

Gonna take a little time to do some things like... boats vacuum up some Mississippi mud.

Need a vacation of sorts.

I will be attending the New Orleans Speaks symposium this Saturday at UNO's Kirschman Hall, which was rescheduled for this weekend from its previous date that happened to put it right smack in the middle of Gustav evac. Check the schedule for more information. Note that Karen Gadbois will be speaking at 2:20 PM.

Aside from that, I'm pooping out some. Election shenanigans, meh. I've seen waaay too many abandoned school buildings, and I need to be much more concerned with what's doing with my son right now...seems if it isn't some kind of sickness at large within his little body, it's his behavior in some way. Always something. And I haven't been taking it too well. There's still a sweet, smart character in there, but if it isn't trouble at his regular school, it's trouble at his religious school. How best to make him see that he has to keep calm - and without having him become labeled as a "bad" kid somehow? I'm putting my mother's champion worrying to shame right now.

Hence, this insane feeling of a hundred monkeys on my back. And, no, they have not come up with anything near a script of Hamlet. I wish they would.

Everybody be well. Don't rearrange the virtual furniture too much during my break.


virgotex said...

time 4 U 2 chillax.

Sophmom said...

I'm sorry, darlin'. You know I'm here and how to find me. I think the fact that you're aiming to bend without breaking is good news for the little guy. You will find a way.

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