Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sorry to brag, but...
I have a new toy:
...and just when I think I have the bestest husband in the whole wide world, who actually brought me something I asked for from the fire sales at the CompUSA that's closing in our area and said, "Happy belated birthday!", he says, mostly seriously, that I need to start putting advertising on this beloved blog to help cover the cost of the thing.

Oy vey. Has it really come to this? Well, if you check the sidebar, I guess it kinda has. And no, I am not going this route...unless somebody wants to pay me for writing about risque Carnival throws. Anyone? Anyone?

*crickets chirping*

Didn't think so.

I'm thinking I should have gone into more serious endorsement of some of our local winners who are now part of the local Democratic Party Exec. Committee in their district. Mazel tov to Karen Gadbois and Kim Marshall! I only wish I coulda voted for ya, but I'm not in your district. I wish I'd been able to put Oyster over the top, but I'm a registered independent (sniff).

I am getting restless. At least some of our long overdue rent checks have arrived, so maybe I can finally get going on the glass grind in the back shed. I certainly hope so.

Update, 7:51 PM: And then I read what Athenae has just posted.
"'s not just about... them assuming you're a loser. It's that the only way we can assign value to an occupation of which we've not heard before, the only way we can understand it, is to find out how much it pays."
That's kind of what some family gatherings are like for me. About the only folks in my family who have some appreciation of what I'm doing are my mom and, possibly, my mother-in-law.

What this is, however, is different. My husband has never read this blog, but he sees how important it is to me to be doing it and to be reading the work of others. Some of this is an attempt to get me to find what I love and have it provide some sort of benefit aside from better mental health for me and a demonstrated ability to make connections and kinda sorta influence people. Plus, I have complained high and low at times about how much being mom at home can have me feeling as though I'm driving the crazy bus and the brakes have been cut.

Where do I go from here?


Nola ( said...

Happy belated birthday! What a great gift!!

Leigh C. said...

VERY belated. My b-day was December 11th! Don't mind getting the laptop, though, no matter how late. ;-)

Ashley said...

"Where do I go from here?" To ebay, to sell it, and buy a mac.


Leigh C. said...

Heh. Since we can't return the goober, that might be the one option available. Then again, I'd never hear the end of it from my husband, who hates Steve Jobs' guts. He and his family are knee-jerk PCers.

Ashley said...

Fine. Enjoy Vista.

Never ask me for any help...I don't wanna hear it. ;^p

jeffrey said...

The ads are funny. They say things like:

Learn about House."

You could always try Amway, you know.

Leigh C. said...

Actually, it's way better than the ones for "dating outside marriage" and searching for your ex that were up there before I clicked on "family-friendly" ads.

Then again, this could go completely the other way. If I see anything over there providing a link to the 700 Club, Mike Huckabee's campaign website or - God forbid! - nonalcoholic beer, then the banner goes. Period.