Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Recent comments at Adrastos' concerning the sick picture of two even sicker people who just happen to be city officials:

Me: This picture is horrific. And one of the best of the comments was somebody saying that she/he'd like to bring some inappropriate comments to the webmasters' attention: all of the comments on the picture.

Incidentally, the little guy found the rocket launcher gun that came with his Buzz Lightyear doll and shot me with it this morning. The Walking Id's latest idiocy shows me that some kids never grow out of those impulses. God help us all.

Jeffrey: With all due respect, if you can't laugh at this picture what can you laugh at?...I mean, am I supposed to make sure everyone understands that playing with guns is irresponsible... and that the mayor and police chief are engaging in an idiotic glorification of the violence they are charged with combating... and that heavily arming a metropolitan police force in this fashion is in and of itself disturbing?

Becuase... you know... duh. I didn't realize we were all in kindergarten all of a sudden.

Me: I really think the joke is on us. Meaning, we need to get the Walking Id and Chief "Patrol Alone for Sixteen Hours" Riley out of City Hall. Period.

And that's the truth. For more on why, check Maitri's comparison.

Update, 2-14: oooh, City Hall is saying that the picture was taken out of context. And nobody will be buying a Photoshop excuse if it comes up. So the Times-Pic editors didn't go with the pictures the mayor's office sent 'em of NOPD officers handling their weapons correctly and using their new resources to help this city. That's their right. The one picture that ended up in print has simply illustrated what many in this city already know - that this overgrown child is not (and has largely never been) acting in this city's best interests.

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The long, long road home,New Orleans said...

The chief should know that in law enforcement it is a rule that one NEVER aims a weapon, whether loaded or not, at another person. That he was grinning shows he doesn't know what he's doing and should not be chief.