Monday, October 22, 2007

"...the camera lobotomizes what you point it at."

- One of many gems Stephen Colbert comes out with in this past week's Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me! Have a listen to "Not My Job" for more.

I saw this in my paper this morning, which stayed amazingly dry despite sitting on my front steps in the driving rain for a few hours (I stepped over it when I directed my son through the water to the car, thinking it was a lost cause, but I yanked it off the steps on my return to find it dry despite the wet bag it was in).

I'm suddenly feeling very, very alone and out of it. Maybe those TV cameras have lobotomized the viewers and not the performers. Update, 11:33 AM: Okay, CenLamar helps me feel a little bit better. Not much, but a little.:

Notice how Jindal failed to win 29 parishes outright, and notice how large swaths of the state rejected him and his candidacy. Parishes colored red are parishes he won outright, while parishes colored blue are parishes whose voters rebuffed Jindal and cast their votes for someone else. Those dissenting votes are significant, as Jindal’s name recognition was near universal. Ceci n’est pas un mandat; ceci est un portrait d’un √Čtat divis√©.
One good thing about all this rain: it might prevent this from happening - or, at the very least, it might shrink the turnout. I'm just picturing Ann "Coughlin" Coulter having to swim to the auditorium for her talk. Not only is she an advocate for "perfected" Jews, she is a willfully ignorant tool with regards to the facts surrounding 8-29 and after. Once again, folks, don't give this talking head a live audience tonight...and tell your friends to stay at home safe. Y'all be well and be careful out there.


Cero said...

Ah, this makes me feel better, too.

I love the image of Coulter swimming to the auditorium, too!

The long, long road home,New Orleans said...

I am a flaming liberal. Would not have voted Jindal in...BUT, hoping for something to come out of it. Maybe having Jindal in office will leave the Bush Administration more willing to work with us and fully fund Road Home, one can hope.

JAW said...

Notice also that the areas hardest hit by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita voted overwhelmingly against electing another Democrat, the party that led them prior to the hurricanes and whose leadership failed all of us.

Governor Blanco did so very little to help our state - not in reputation and not in representation. Congressman Jindal did more in than Governor Blanco, not because he was a Republican, but because he was a leader. And now he leads Louisiana. Geaux Bobby! Governor Jindal will turn this state around, FINALLY!

Leigh C. said...

I want to be as optimistic as you, JAW, but I really can't be. Jindal has simply gone through the motions of being a placeholder for the right-wing in Congress, as evidenced by his inaction on the SCHIP voting, among other pre-election actions and inactions.:

Like I said before, if Jindal actually grows some serious cojones and acts like someone other than a Dubya tool now that he has the reins of the state, I can share in your joy. Until then, I will just have to keep an eye out and work towards putting in office a much stronger candidate who has the best interests of all of Louisiana in mind.