Thursday, April 26, 2007

Little things, for many reasons:

A great reason for me not to watch much TV anymore:
"It's hard to be sexy with a fish stuck in your leg."

A reason for me to get a tad disgruntled with the many forms recovery takes in these parts: the invasion of the yeshiva (or, I guess, Bais Yaakov) girls. Yes, they mean well. Yes, they served to help out and distract a class that wasn't concentrating too much on their clay-forming work. Yes, they helped clean up the art room and made it a tad cleaner than it usually is after the K-3 tornadoes have hit it. Problem is, they came into the art room with only a couple of seconds' warning from a school administrator, the girls spent a good amount of time taking digital camera photos of each other with a kid of their choice (just to demonstrate to the folks back home that they did help a kid affected by the events of 8-29), and, in all likelihood, this was not sanctioned by the school at all, but by the Jewish organization that shares the same building.

How do I know this? After my last class, I asked the principal where the group was from, and she said, "No idea."

Uhhh, anyone heard of advance warning? Not to mention security issues? Hello?

Reasons to be kinda concerned with showing how much fun I'm having while I sing: after months of rehearsing one on one with our synagogue's choir director, I am told at the beginning of this week that I have yet another song to sing. Overall, mind you, I'm thrilled to be doing a lot of solos, something I haven't done since high school. However, I've also been getting very nervous.

The sound system hasn't been set up yet (it should be tonight, hopefully), so I've been trying to sing out more, which means going for a near shout, especially over these guys. Top that off with a new song to sing and then, the cherry on this sundae:

"Cantorial soloist, start looking like you're having fun!" Choir Director says after the first song.

Ben Schenck, the clarinetist and bandleader, suggested I do some heavy metal head-banging. I wish.

Wish me luck, instead, y'all. I'm gonna need it.


oyster said...

Good luck!

saintseester said...

Luck wishes sent your way