Monday, April 23, 2007

I am very much recovered from my virus, and I am now up to actually picking up the Times-Picayune and reading it before I use it to cover the tables in my K-3rd grades art classes.

First off, columnist Lolis Eric Elie notes the short life of a New Yorker "Talk of the Town" -ish publication known as Scat. He then goes on to a short, complimentary profile of New Yorker writer Dan Baum's blog, praising it as "a worthy successor to 'Scat' ". Scat magazine's domain claim expired as of last Wednesday, and, while Dan Baum does have a good blog, (which the Perfesser has checked out and blogged about on occasion...), I would argue that Elie ain't lookin' in the right places for his Scat fix. I even told him so.

My email to him linked to this venerable list (okay, maybe rogue's gallery? ... police blotter?... scat scoopers?...), directed him to some sites on which to start, and now I am gonna sit back and see what happens.

Will he:
a) chuck the email entirely?
b) save the list for a later time, then chuck it?
c) check out my suggestions and run screaming for the nearest dark, comfy corner?
d) get into it, become a blogging fool himself, and attend a Geek Dinner?
e) beat down the doors to Scat's creator and demand that she get back on the stick with her 'zine?
f) write what he wants?

It will most likely be a) and f), methinks. If c) happens, it could well mean that, since we have a dire mental health crisis in these parts, Elie could end up in jail or in Alexandria...or, they'll be feeding him on trays in that dark, comfy corner.

I'm off to cover those tables...


jeffrey said...

Oh no! I haven't said anything mean about Lolis have I? Actually I usually agree with him.... but the odds of me being mean are pretty high so...

Leigh C. said...

I usually agree with him, too. I just think his recent effort wasn't sitting on too much, research-wise. Hell, he coulda looked at "Antigravity" for his fix, not just the blogs.

As far as what "Scat" magazine is, it began and ended in the four years I was off in Queens, so I have NO clue how good or bad it was or even if the blogpocheh equal it or surpass it in any way.

Ray said...

It'll be A. I've never gotten any response to emails to either Chris Rose or Lolis Elie, and I actually went to high school with the latter.

Karen said...

A few weeks ago Lolis published a story based on a link I had sent him, from our Squandered Heritage Blog..Not even a mention. I saw him at Dookys and introduced myself..