Friday, February 08, 2013

Our annual KOPAS Ball

Once again, we are opening our house to any and all folks coming to see the parades uptown early on Mardi Gras day - 'cause by that time, we ourselves are so paraded out, we stay in and enjoy our friends who need to pee on that fabled day and have a little nosh (hopefully not at the same time, but anything does go on that day).  We decided to have a little royal incentive on this year's invite - and we'll be throwing in some special king cake pancake recipes, one of them by famed cookbook author & culinary specialist Amy Cyrex-Sins.

We'd love to have you stop by! But contact me first for directions. Email is listed below.

You'll have a flipping good time!

Screen shot 2011-03-08 at 6.46.50 PM.png

You are invited to the 7th Annual Carnival Ball of

"The krewe with the edible doubloons"

When: Mardi Gras Day (Tuesday, February 12, 2013) from 8 AM until...well, we really don't know when it will end.

Where: Contact Leigh at for the address.

What: Pancakes, and LOTS of 'em!

Who: You

Why: For the fun of it.

Krewe Fees: We're supplying pancakes, syrup, coffee, milk, juice, and probably Leigh's homemade king cake, so bring whatever else you want to share.

Honorary Krewe Royalty: King...Abel Skeever
                                         Queen...Pala Tchinka

*Food disclaimers: pretend you keep kosher and please bring something other than pork, shellfish, catfish, or anything that mixes milk and meat in the same dish. AND NO KING CAKES.

*Religious disclaimer: We started this because we like pancakes, always make too many of them, don't want to give up our parking spots for Mardi gras, and like company. This has absolutely nothing to do with the Christian tradition of observing Shrove Tuesday, or "Pancake Day," by making and eating pancakes, which we didn't learn about until a few years ago.

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