Monday, December 12, 2011

This year, I had one of these on my cake.

It would've been nice if we'd been told about that wire to cut off the bazillions of times the thing was playing "Happy Birthday." The following ensued instead.

This doesn't happen every time we go to our pal Edie's house to watch the Saints games, but it was fun. And now we know what to do when we can't shut "Happy Birthday" off.

And Das Boot is finally off my ankle. But this lace-up ankle brace I have on now is giving me strong deja-vu.  Like getting used to Das Bootie. Urrrrrgh.


candice said...

Is that two flavors of Doberge in the same cake?

I can't let Clay see this, he'll need one....

Leigh C. said...

Chocolate & lemon. You got it.