Friday, September 16, 2011

Here's something from Dr. Daniella Cook on New Orleans and education reform:

Kinda tough to hear. Best to turn it up.

It is also worth it to give Dr. Cook's Voices Crying Out From The Wilderness: The Stories Of Black Educators On School Reform In Post Katrina New Orleans a perusal. Once Cook explains her methodology for a few chapters, the history of the New Orleans schools and the current "system of schools," combined with the stories of individual New Orleans teachers, makes for intriguing reading.


Something a little less serious, you say?

It's been twenty years since Ren and Stimpy warped our airwaves. I can't think of much better commemoration-wise than to check on what creator John Kricfalusi's been up to these days, kick back with something better than bad, and, to get a certain Yaksmen song out of your head, get a crowd at the nearest bar to join together in singing this nifty song about a whale:


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