Thursday, August 11, 2011

Med Check, Addiction Check

It's official, dammit. After months of being so ticked off at AT&T we couldn't see straight, figuring we could manage just fine with Verizon cell phones as our home numbers and the free wifi we were getting in our house anyhow, and then coming home from a two-week vacation in mid-July to discover that the wifi was no more, I'm here to say that my name is Leigh and I am highly dependent on the internet.

Oh, I have been denying this fact for some time now, but I had to face how truly upset I was when I had an antidepressant check today and turned into a blubbering mess. It's compounded by having to face another year in which I anticipate tussles over the little guy's consumption of medication to keep his ADHD in check, but it also cannot be denied that the internet has also become an essential tool in his schooling. My husband seems to be content to bum the wifi from coffee shops when he isn't working in the office, but I'm finding I cannot do that. It's everything I can do to write this post at the library, even...hence the strange paradox that's consuming me: I know, deep down, that once one is on the internet, the computer being used is not a form of one-way glass, but I don't feel comfortable using it for long periods of time anyplace but my own house.

It's a weird feeling that I'm hoping will be remedied by our finally biting the bullet and getting the services of Cox Communications, but my spouse wants to see how much blood he can squeeze out of the pounds of monetary flesh we will have to give them before we get started with them. Anybody got a line on cheap cable modems?

ANYway, this is to say that I did have a marvelous vacation despite my current distress...and I am, once again, assisting in the planning for this year's Rising Tide Conference, which promises to be a good one. Give the graphic below a click to check what we've got going this year for programming:

If you're too lazy to click on it, then perhaps telling you that David Simon, creator of Homicide: Life On The Streets, The Wire, and Treme will be there, as will Tulane professor and local geographer extraordinaire Richard Campanella, might get you to do something. The food panel this year promises to be a fact, I'm finding that I don't want to miss a thing this year. You know you want to check it out. You know you do. And don't gimme that line that this is only a bloggers thing, because it isn't. I would LOVE to see you all there.

Seriously, until I can satisfy my internet jones, getting more people registered will have to suffice. Make this crazy Jewish mother happy and go for it.

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Pistolette said...

I'm already signed up for RT6, but I'll try to cheer you up anyway! Every now and then I freak out about how much time I'm online and pull the plug for a week or so. I have to plan my schedule ahead to keep busy or I'll feel the withdrawals. By the end I usually feel much better though. I think part of it for me was realizing that no matter how much I'm online I'm always going to miss *something*, and that's ok!