Saturday, May 14, 2011

We here are happy to be back after Blogger's nervous breakdown. Hey, I'd be needing a vacation, too, if I had to keep track of all these posts all by my lonesome. There may still be some hiccuping here and there with the system, but unlike so many I know, Blogger has been good up 'til now to this blogger.

BUT, as soon as it comes back, of course I gotta head back east to NASA Tweetup Number Two, where attempts to blog will be well nigh impossible for me....and where we will be, once again, cheering on these guys:

While I am headed for the spacey Space Coast, go read some stuff and see some movies. I'll give you some suggestions:

Drake Toulouse on the intersections between the Mississippi River spillways opening and the ways in which the oyster farmers will be screwed.

I told you to go see some flick.

Cliff worries that the Mark St. Pierre trial is being inundated by all the flooding river hysteria.  I most definitely see his point.  In that spirit, inundate your brains with Dambala's accounts of the trial.  You're not supposed to be looking at that big, bad river, anyhow...although, funny thing, my son's Little League organization is having an opening day second line at the Fly this morning, so I'll be hearing from my husband about the river today despite the city's admonitions to stay off the levees.  I wonder how many calls there'll be to the city about today's "suspicious activity".

NOLA Slate goes toe to toe, but not drink to drink, with Davis Rogan. Go get his Once and Future DJ album, lady, if you can find it.  Fun fact: first time I got really drunk as a skunk in New Orleans was at an All That show. Yes, that was me bouncing on that easy chair in the club to the music 'til someone had to get me to stop. Hiiiii, 1996!

And finally, the rapture cannot start without getting in your car, driving real far, driving all night 'til you see a light.

Don't strain your brain.  Be back soon.

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saintseester said...

I left a comment on the prior post, probably right before blogger started its conniption fit. I can't remember exactly what I said, but it was along the lines of I am really sorry the river is threatening. I hope all stay safe and sound.