Thursday, April 14, 2011

Video via Dambala's "More Cries For Help":

Louis was one of over 40 fisherman I spoke with on Saturday who is gravely ill. All of these fisherman confirmed to me that the Gulf is still full of oil and dispersant is continually being deployed....including areas which have been deemed safe for seafood harvesting.
There are more testimonials coming....please help spread this message...please help spread the truth. The nightmare BP left us with is not over, in fact it may just be starting. The MSM is not going to report what's happening, but I implore you to dig deeper and don't trust what you are being spoon-fed.
Dambala includes a link to the Louisiana Environmental Action Network, which is keeping up with these developments.  Keep a close eye on it and spread the word.

Many prominent fisherfolk are joining in on the fight, too, in other ways.  Well worth your time to watch the Kindra Arnesen and Ryan Lambert links on the clips in there.
Kindra Arnesen and Ryan Lambert live only a few miles from each other deep in the bayou of Plaquemines Parish, LA. They share the same love of the marsh, the sea and the coastal wilderness that make this area an irreplaceable treasure of the south.
But this week they are now  both in Washington talking to members of Congress about the need for comprehensive legislation to protect against future disasters and make sure money is provided to restore the damaged Gulf coast.
Kindra and Ryan are neighbors but live worlds apart. Kindra and her husband are commercial fishermen, who shrimp and fish all year long to sell their catches to the market, providing some of the finest seafood on the market. Ryan is a fishing and hunting guide, one of the Louisiana's most successful. Together they share a love for the bayou they fear has been irreparably damaged by the oily assault, a land that is rapidly washing away due to human intrusion...
...Ryan and Kindra are among many Gulf residents who feel the country has no clue about what’s really going on along the coast. They face tens of millions of dollars worth of ad campaigns funded by BP and local governments putting a pretty face on the oil disaster. But they say they have no choice but to fight for their land and their future.

Update, 3:56 PM: More from WhoDat35 - Dr. Riki Ott on what is going on in the Gulf:

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