Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dang it...

...the excrement just has to hit the wind turbine as I'm headed for a Midwestern bar mitzvah, doesn't it?

All I can do is direct you to Big Red's list of the trials thus far, Jeffrey talking about how Hizzoner the Walking Id is trying to get his damage control dance on, E claiming a naval metaphor for said damage control dance in the name of citizen journalism, and Dambala throwing us one thoroughly shocking revelation on the River City Tsuris we got here.

Hell, at this point, I have a better chance of learning how to speak Tamil than I do of fully undoing this Gordian knot.

Don't miss me too much, folks.

1 comment:

Michael Homan said...

Hope Nebraska treats you well. And that reminds me, whenever I would travel to Israel, and people would find out I was from Nebraska, they would always ask me "Do they have Jews there?" The next time we meet I'll tell you how I responded.