Monday, April 03, 2006

All I can do right now is supply this link:

What we have here is a fantastic explanation of why recovery in Louisiana and along the Gulf coast is fast becoming a dirty word, in more ways than one. Especially here in this city, which seems to have been left to rot in hell by the feds, among others.

On the one hand, we get what we elect, and one could argue that on a local and state level, these kinds of scenarios were a long time coming. On the other hand.... ENOUGH ALREADY. So we elected a real schmo for president of this country. Some folks have been talking censure of Dubya, but nobody wants to go out and do it for fear of having the political bomb blow in their faces. If New Orleanians weren't scattered about the country so widely and liberally, maybe this could constitute a Katrina march on Washington. Then again, maybe the Katrina diaspora is in Bush's best interests: divide and conquer. Make people so worried about where their next meal is coming from, about their increased taxes and bills and how they will be paid, about where they will be living tomorrow, and perhaps they will be less inclined to pay attention to the man behind the curtain.

Anyhoo, don't just read my rant. Read about it in the Gambit article link. Tell me what you think.

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