Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Many New Orleanians who experienced the horrible events of 8/29/05 and after have some inkling of the horror, the shock, and the pain the people of Haiti are going through at this terrible time. We have some idea of how the status quo can change overnight, in the blink of an eye...

..or with one mighty shake of the earth, followed by over thirty smaller aftershocks.

We in this town are not only connected to them through the distant past (link courtesy of docbrite on Twitter)...people in great need can benefit from our compassion and what we have learned over the past four years concerning recovery from such terrible events.

What is needed right this second, though, is funding to these six ways you can help in Haiti, complete with more aid organizations listed in the comments to the post. (link courtesy of Virgotex at First Draft)

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